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Morocco - land of spices, history and friendly people

I had a private trip to Morocco for 17 days with a friend. We made a full circle to see most of the country. Starting from Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fez, Middle & High Atlas heading to the coast at Essaouira and finalizing in Marrakesh. Lahsen was instrumental on getting our itinerary set up and provided for some special requests: 1) a home-made cooking experience;
2) visit and homestay at a Berber family;
3) spending the night at a tented-camp in Merzouga;
4) a 2-day spa experience in a beautiful, remote area.... all along the communication was fast and we had the most amazing time in this trip! Thanks Lahsen for capturing our vision and making this trip memorable!

Morocco, October 2009
We are writing to tell you how delighted we are with the trip to Morocco you helped us plan. You really listened to what our interests were (art and architecture) and planning this trip was a real collaboration. We had an excellent driver who avoided highways and took us on the scenic routes stopping at places of interest. The photographs we took are outstanding. He called ahead to confirm and assisted us in getting to our wonderful riads. I would highly recommend all of them: Al Kalaa in Rabat, Le Calife in Fez, Dar Les Cigognes in Marrakesh and Watier in Essaouira. Most had fabulous restaurants, all served wonderful breakfasts and were in convenient and safe locations in the Medinas. Having a knowledgeable guide really made all the difference in our appreciation of Moroccan art and culture. We love Moroccan food and the cooking lessons at Les Cigognes and with a family were a high point.

We hope to return to Morocco in the near future to explore other areas such as the Sahara and will certainly use Oussaden Tours again.

Jacqueline and Stanley Myers

Brooklyn New York

The best vacation I ever have
hi everyone, I need to thanks oussaden tours travel for all the advice and help had gave me about morocco, I just had the best vacation i ever have, morocco is a wonderful country the people is absolutely nice and lovely, i spended most of the time travelin one city to another every day a different place. I definely love the food i came back at leat with 6 more pounds, the dresses are amazing I wored and i love it. thanks so much oussaden i will be there soon to plan my next trip to morocco for next year, I deffinely will go back.

Thank you for your note. I do appreciate hearing from you.

I wish I could return to Morocco -- oh how I wish that. But it is not to be. My
heart situation has cut into my travelling adventures. And, indeed, I am no
longer young. 78 years old today!!!

I do tell many people that they should visit Morocco, and told them about your tours. Indeed, my 2002 trip to Morocco was one of the best trips I have ever taken. And I have had many many great travels in my life.

Regards to all your family...

Dee Frank

Lahsen--I just wanted to let you know, somewhat belatedly, how much I
enjoyed the trip to Morocco with Gail Ben-Jamen this last spring. I
know Gail can be quite demanding and difficult at times, but I so
enjoyed what I got to see of your beautiful and diverse country.
Radouane Elaouan was an exceptional guide and handled some of the
difficult times with great skill and patience. Thank you for
assigning us to such a wonderful guide. . Sincerely, Gloria Schulz

Melanie: your customer
Your country is beyond beautiful
I was moved by the humility of pretty much every one.
Gorgeous geography wonderful food.

An overal fantastic experience, I was also glad I visited during ramadam, it gave me a better insite to the religion of morocco.
If you would like, you can give my name to women traveling to the country so I can brief them on dress and polite etiquette

With many thanks


Morocco within reach
I believe that Morocco is one of the best destinations for tourist seeking safety and pleasure at the same time.
the people are great and and are doing the best to make tourists make themselves at home.
In Morocco, Hospitality and Respect are never compromised.
feel safe to be one the those who explored the coutry and still have intention of goingback at their earliest convenience.
Moreover, the trip would not cost you as much as you would spend while you are home.

Just Returned from an Amazing Tour of Morocco
My husband and I just returned from a trip to Morocco that we booked through Oussaden Tours in New York City. We are both frequent travellers, who typically do not use tour services. In this case we did, I can not say enough wonderful things about the trip and our tour services. Our hotel accomodations were wonderful, as were our tour guides--extremely knowledgable, warm, and very reliable. We travelled by mini-van (just the two of us) from city to city and heard that tours are never larger than 8-10 people. We had well informed guides in each city as well as time to do our own exploring.
We paid an extremely reasonable price for the tour and I strongly recommend Oussaden Tours for people looking for an intimate, comfotable, and exciting tour of Morocco.

Great Tour Company, Oussaden Tours
Just returned from Morocco (group of 15) with Oussaden Tours, what a great trip, all meals sightseeing hotels and transfers were provided, and the tour guide knew all of Morocco, where to eat, how to make the most of our time. AS A GROUP, we highly recommend this tour company. We were invited to have dinner with a local Morocccan family, this was very cultural. The local land provider, Scenic Voyage also contributed greatly with the success of the tour. and kept in constant touch with our guides by cell phone.

The_group_from_LA, Los Angeles, California Mar 6, 2007
In December 2005 three of us (all male adults) from Southern California spent over two weeks touring the great country of Morocco. We designed a tour through Oussaden Tours in New York City that included airfare, most meals, van with driver and a majority of the imperial and ancient cities of Morocco. Our stops included Casablanca, Rabat, Voulbiulis, Meknes, Fez, Erfoud, Merzouga, Ouarzazate, Taroudent, Marrakesh, Essaouria, Tangier and many other smaller towns and villages.
Such an amazing country! Moroccans are extremely polite and hospitable. The country is beautiful; the food is delicious; the mixture of cultures amazing; and of course, shopping and bargaining in the souks was fun and very affordable.

We had such a great time that we returned again in December 2006 for another two weeks with a van and the same driver. This time there were four adults (one female) and we visited the Northern part of Morocco beginning and ending in Tangier. Other stops included Tetouan, Al Hoceima, Chefchoan, Oujda and the two Spanish cities, Melilla and Ceuta. Again we were treated with the utmost respect and were even invited into a private home for tea and Moroccan pastries.

At no time during either trip did we feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Our driver took care of us and made sure that whatever we wanted to do and see during the daytime was included in our travels. Each of us would have no reluctance to return to Morocco for extended visits since there is so much more to see and experience. We encourage others to visit.

The Low family, New York 2005
"First, and most important, we want you to know that all four of us found our trip to be one of the most memorable lifetime experiences we've ever had. The country is beautiful, the people were great, we always felt welcomed, there was no concern for personal safety, and we're ready to go back again--both to spend more time in many of the places we visited and to explore new places--like Tangier"

Thanks Oussaden


Heritage Tour of Morocco
The people so warm and proud and the food always delicious and tempting.
Maryanne M., Hong Kong

Our trip to the Dades Valley was very beautiful.
We saw a great variety of scenery.  Hossaine Amiri was an excellent guide; he stopped whenever we wanted to take pictures and explained the history of the area and the local culture.

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